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These are products I use and love! Some of the products listed here are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase or use my discount code. Thanks for your support!

The most sustainable option is always to use what you have. If I've added something to this list it means I believe in it enough to share it. Remember to buy what you need, and save when you do!


Three bags of coconut whisk baking mixes
A terraseed bottle of vitamins lays in dirt

Vegan Multi-Vitamin 
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Four NORTH Higher Vibes drinks are displayed

THC/CBD Drinks from NORTH
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A bag of JOI creamer powder and cashwer milk base


Tan vegan material teddy coat

Recycled Teddy Coat

Gray vegan suede dock boots
Three different styles of Parade underwear

Recycled Dock Boots

Sustainable Underwear by Parade
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Girlfriend leggings and bra

Recycled Active & Lounge Wear

Sustainable Home:

Varying cleaning products

Sustainable Cleaning Products

single roll of toilet paper packaged in white and pink paper
Plaine Products bottles are displayed

Hair and Body Care Products
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betterhelp logo

Online Professional Therapy
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