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Hi there! 


My name is Carly Jean Puch and I’m really psyched you’re here.


I host the Consciously Clueless podcast which helps folks discover the link between a healthier you and a healthier world through veganism, mindfulness, and a love for the planet.

My goal is to create content and community for you to learn about living a mindfully vegan life. A place where you get to show up imperfect, ask questions, and be ready to change the freakin’ world.


Sometimes (oftentimes) the world can feel overwhelming, and perhaps like what’s the point? But the alternative is not trying and that’s just not an option for me.

My passion for making a difference started young but was solidified while pursuing education. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women's Studies and a Master's Degree in Social Responsibility.

Aside from my personal experiences, I am a 200-hour registered yoga instructo through Yoga North, located in Duluth, MN. I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach through the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) and a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach through the School of Positive Transformation.

I am currently teaching yoga and mindfulness to both adults and kids grades 1st-8th grades. I love teaching yoga for private parties too!

Other projects I'm working on: 

I host and produce The Mindfulness Monday podcast, a podcast that explores mindfulness practices and provides valuable tools for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life and discovering practical techniques to cultivate a more mindful and balanced existence. 

I produce The Otterpod in conjunction with a local 7th/8th-grade class at Great Expectations Charter School in Grand Marais, MN, and WITP. This series covers issues such as human overconsumption, mental health, the wealth gap, intersectionality, and more. Listen in for eight weeks of our planet’s biggest issues from the eyes of its youth.

Carly sits at a desk in a blue dress with a podcast microphone behind her

Carly Jean Puch

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