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I help you discover the link between your personal health and global sustainability through veganism, mindfulness, and eco-living. 

Here's how I do that ⬇️


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  • One-on-one support where you can ask me anything about vegan, mindful, eco-living

  • Resources specific to YOU and help to find what’s available in YOUR AREA

  • Time-saving strategies for integrating conscious choices into your everyday life

  • Budget-friendly tips and resources that won't break the bank

  • Evidence-based info, meal planning support, and all the confidence you need to thrive eating more plants

  • Tailored mindfulness practices (the underestimated KEY to living a more conscious life)


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Sustainability and veganism are easily linked but where does mindfulness come in? Why does this matter when it comes to living more consciously?


This masterclass includes an opening mindfulness practice, a presentation from me to give you all the info you need on why mindfulness is the KEY to conscious living.



Patreon is a community platform where you get access to MORE content and education from me.

There you'll find: 

  • Daily mindfulness emails

  • Weekly tarot card videos for mindfulness

  • Bonus Consciously Clueless episodes including bonus content from the Consciously Cannabis series. 

  • Live calls where we practice mindfulness, cook a vegan meal together, and more! 


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This Get More Mindful Bundle is the perfect way to help you find the balance between body and mind. With yoga sessions, guided meditations, and bonus resources, you’ll be able to learn valuable techniques to become more mindful and live a happier life. Start your journey towards a more mindful life with this bundle today.

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