Why am I Starting a Podcast?

The first episode is finally here!

I wanted to dive into the WHY of starting a podcast. I get in to all of my interests and how they will be woven throughout the show. At first I wondered if I should have picked just one to talk about...

But I realize that it is all the things I'm interested in make me who I am and what this podcast will be. I love learning, I love growing and I love TALKING so a podcast feels like a dream job for me.

I have long had an issue with perfection. I research things like crazy which sometimes helps me but at other times keeps me stalled. I was so nervous to start this podcast because I honestly I am no expert and even more honestly still don't know what I'm doing. But waiting for things to perfectly fall into place is a waste of time, you'll just stay waiting. And with that I started.

I hope this encourages anyone listening to just START whatever it is they want to do because 2020 has taught me just how preciously short life can be. Tune in to start on the journey with me. 

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