Why am I starting a podcast?

It's the first episode! In this episode Carly will dive into why she wanted to start a podcast. She discusses all the interests she has and wonders if she should have picked just one to talk about. But she realizes all the things she's interested in make her who she is and what this podcast will be. Carly discuses her love for learning, for growing, and for well...talking! She talks about her nerves in starting this podcast, wanting it to be perfect but instead realizing she just had to start. Carly encourages anyone listening to just START whatever it is they want to do because 2020 has taught her just how preciously short life can be. Tune in to start on the journey with her.

Please note, this episode has been transcribed by a computer, expect some typos!

Welcome to the first Consciously Clueless podcast. Ah, I cannot believe that I'm saying that I am so excited to be here sharing with you all. My name is Carly and I will be your host on this journey from cluelessness to consciousness and back around again and again probably again and again. Because that's why we're here. We're here to explore those spaces in between knowing it all and then realizing we know absolutely nothing, and trying to figure it out. When I originally wanted to start a podcast, I thought about all the things that I care about all the things I'm interested in all the things that light me up.

And it's a long list if you listen to my trailer episode, I talked about health, wellness movement, plant-based living, social justice. I didn't even mention the environment, zero waste living, and all the other things that I'm passionate about. When I first started thinking about this, I was worried maybe, that I should pick one or two of those interests and go down that track. But it didn't feel authentic to me. All of those things are things that I care about. And more importantly, all of them intersect. For me, it doesn't feel like there can be one without the other. And I think especially what we're learning right now in our world, is that everything is connected, there is no isolated issue. All of those things intersect, whether it be plant based living and health, or the environment and social justice, all of those things that I named, there's crossover all over. So that's why I call created this space, because instead of just picking one, I wanted to create a space to talk about all of them. I wanted to talk about how they're all related. I wanted to talk about all of them and learn from others. And I wanted to just understand more, basically, about life, because that's what life is about, right? All of the things I named, healthy eating, moving our bodies, the rights of the people that surround us, the environment, all of it.

So I'm really excited that you're here with me as I figure that out, so we can learn together. Because really, as I grow this space, and as I grow my own practices, what I keep coming back to is this idea that when we learn how to really deeply take care of ourselves, we're so much more ready to take care of the world. At least care of the people around us take care of the people in our lives. And then those ripple effects just go out. And they reach further and further.

So that is how it all started. But why a podcast? I've had a blog. I share on social media a lot. But honestly, I really love talking. And anybody who knows me very well is laughing right now. Because I love to talk to people. I love to learn from people. So what better way to do that, then set up a space where I get to interview people about all the things I love. This literally sounds like my dream job. So I really hope this takes off because already I'm so excited by the people that are lined up to be on this podcast.

We're going to learn from athletes and activists, people that are working To better the environment, to better our health, to talk about the intersections of race, and environmental rights, or race and health, or class, and social justice, I mean, all of it, all of it. I'm so excited by the people that are going to be on this podcast, that that's why I'm here because I get to talk to these people and learn and then I get to share it with all of you. That creates connection, and I just thrive off of connection. And I wanted to learn about ways to engage in these issues that feel really attainable and accessible. I feel like sometimes we can see a post on Facebook, about something that we think Yeah, I care about that. But I don't really know what to do. Or Yeah, that seems like a good way to take care of myself. But where do I start?

Sometimes those things seemed So outside of the realm of possibility, then I want to create a space where we can talk about how to make all of those ideas accessible for everyday life to make it feel like those are things you can do tomorrow, because they are. Sometimes it doesn't feel like that. So I want to create those conversations that spark new ways of thinking that all of us can go, Oh, that is so interesting. I have never thought about it like that. Because those moments are amazing. Those are the moments you remember. Those are the moments that help us change. I want to make change in the world. I want to help people make change in their lives, and then in their worlds, because, like I said before, we're all connected.

We're so connected to each other, to our communities to our planet. It that when we make changes for ourselves, it has much further reaching benefits than sometimes we even realize. So that is why I keep saying that's why but that's one of the many reasons I wanted to create this space is to connect, is to talk, his to learn, is to make these conversations seem accessible, when maybe sometimes they don't, to spark new ways of thinking. And I want to reach people and I want to make change. And I hope all of that sounds like things that you want to do too.

And that's why you're here, because I'm really excited to not only connect with the people that I'll have on this podcast, but connect with all of you listening. And sometimes we can connect through the interviews that I'll do with people on this podcast, maybe something that we Talk about strikes you and you want to reach out or you want to share or sometimes, maybe it'll be something I say in one of these solo episodes like I'm doing right now, where something's on my mind. And I just wanted to share with all of you, whatever it is, I'm so excited to keep connecting with all of you listening, and I'm so thankful that you're here on this journey from the beginning with me as I figure out what I'm doing, how this microphone works, how to edit a podcast, full disclosure, I have started and stopped this episode, probably a dozen times by now, because I want it to be so good.

But the last time I decided I would just keep going and say what came up because those are the episodes of other people's podcasts that I appreciate where people are being super authentic, and super truthful. And that's what I want to bring to this space. You get me making jokes that I think are funny. You get me showing up. If I'm in a great mood, maybe sometimes I'll show up. And I'll share something that was hard, because I think it'll be connecting. Whatever it is, I want to push myself to keep embodying my 2020 word of authenticity, even in this space. And I hope by challenging myself to keep doing that, you all feel like you can continue to do that, too.

It's something that I've really been learning this year, that I'm really really good at holding space for other people and helping other people. But giving myself that same grace and showing up for myself in that same way, doesn't come as easy. So I hope as I fumble through figuring that out, you feel a little safer to do that too. Because the more I learned to do that, the more I open up, the better things have gotten. And that's partly why I'm here. I don't totally feel ready to start this podcast, which probably doesn't instill a lot of confidence in all of you listening. But I feel so strongly about it. I just want to start and it feels really vulnerable and it feels really scary. But I want to push myself to start because I don't know if I would if I waited for that perfect moment to open up and share.

So now I guess is the perfect moment right now right here. As I'm recording this nervous to share with all of you now is the perfect moment. And I hope that you start to feel that way too. And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that deciding this is the moment to try something is easy. I spent the hour before this. Texting a friend saying oh my goodness, what did I do? I have to go record a Solo episode now, because that's what I'm doing now I have a podcast. But I'm also so excited that I'm actually doing it. And I've had so many moments in my life, where I've waited for that perfect moment to say something to try something. I have made so many pro con lists in my life. It's not even funny.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good pro con list. But my work comes in just jumping and doing the thing and trying and taking the chance. I need more of that. Everything can't be so calculated. So that's why I'm jumping into this because I need to take the chance. And we're going to do that together. All of you that are still hanging in there. We're going to take this chance together to see what happens to see what we learn to see how we grow to see how we change That's what we're doing here. So if even one person is listening to this, shaking your head up and down, thinking of something you've been wanting to do, something you've been wanting to try, and you go ahead and you start that because of this, then this was completely worth it. That's what I want to be doing with this space.

Maybe it's something you want to say to someone, maybe it's something you want to do at work, maybe it's a side project, whatever it is, I want you to do it now. I want you to try that thing. Right now. 2020 has given us a lot of lessons. But one of the biggest ones I keep thinking is just that you have to do things before it's too late. And it's so cliche, but it's only June and it has been a crazy year, y'all. I know that all of you agree and have your own stories. And I feel grateful to be where I am and to be healthy and to have people around me.

But you know, there's been a lot of change and a lot of grief and a lot of sickness, a lot of death. I've lost people, and lost ways of life and things have changed and struggled, just like many of you. And so if that teaches us anything, it's that we have to do the things we want to do before we can't do them anymore. Those things on your list to do someday need to be done right now. And I know that you only live once gets thrown around all the time, but I mean This is our life, this is our chance we are such a blip on their radar. If you want to start a podcast, do it. If you want to go on that trip, do it. If you want to tell that person you love them, do it right now. Because now's your chance.

Now I could just keep going on this because it's something I I've been thinking about a lot, as again, I'm sure a lot of you have, but I really want to start to embody that more. And I want this space to reflect that to where we can learn to make those real changes. Those those things that light us up those things that make us excited when we hear someone talk about what they're doing in their life. And we think Yeah, I want to do that too. Or Yeah, I could totally make that change in my life and that would make a huge difference. That That's what I want this space to create. And that's what I want to be here for. And I want to facilitate and I want that to flow through this space. I hope all of you listening are as excited, maybe not as excited. I'm pretty excited right now, but at least a little excited about the prospect of that.

But the prospect of being a part of this space because it's not just my podcast, if it was my podcast, it would just be a diary, basically. But it's our podcast. It's our space to learn by coming here and listening and supporting it. It's yours to, it's your space to learn. It's your space to grow. It's your space to be vulnerable to think about things differently. I want it to feel like we're having a conversation, whether it's just me on an episode like this, or it's an interview with an amazing person that I'll talk to. It's ours. Bass to grow, and to learn, and to share. And I want you all to feel that way. I am here to facilitate that. And I am here for all of you. And I hope you really feel that because I really, really mean it. That's what this space should be. I want all of us to grow. I want all of us to be clueless, move towards consciousness, the rug gets pulled, we feel a little clueless again. And we're gonna circle back and forth.

And in that vein, I'll explain that name where that came from. My website is consciously Carly. And I thought the podcast being consciously clueless, embodied exactly what I wanted to convey because I think a lot of times in this space have health and wellness and growth and mindset, and manifestation and all of that. All of that good stuff, that soulful stuff. But sometimes it's taken so seriously that I think sometimes we can get a little full of it. Like, oh, I've achieved this next level of consciousness because I meditate every day. Or I do this and I get that way. But I also want to admit that sometimes, I have no idea what I'm doing. For real, I have no idea what I'm doing. Like some days, I feel like I am just absolutely killing it. And then the next day, I feel like it's my first day on earth. And that's what I want this podcast to convey that it's not this perfect. It's not that I have all the answers or anybody I'm going to interview has all the answers. It's that it's like a new tool in your belt. It's a new thing.

To add it's a new concept, a new idea, a new way of thinking about something just to add to your basket of life lessons. Not that I have it figured out it is far from that. I have lately felt like I've been more on the clueless side than the conscious side. That's where the name comes from. Because just when you think you have life figured out just when you think you're feeling conscious, and grounded and connected, life goes, but what about this lesson? Have you learned this yet? And then you feel absolutely clueless. But I hope, regardless of where you're at on that spectrum, you come back to this space and this podcast, to learn to get back to consciousness, or to connect with someone story about feeling completely clueless. Maybe mine That's what I want people to think of when they think of this podcast, not perfection, not some lesson that's supposed to change your life for better, and then that's it. But just that it's messy. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's not going to be perfect.

That's a lesson that I need to continue to remind myself and a standard I need to continue to not hold myself to. But it can be conscious change. It can be intentional change. So thank you for joining me on this first episode as I ramble through how excited I am. Why I want to be here, why I want all of you to be here. And I hope that inspires you to realize that whatever it is you want to do, you should do it. And I believe in you. Start that project. take that leap. quit that job. put yourself out there. Reach out to that person person, tell someone that you love them today. Whatever it is, I hope you get to do that thing. And I hope we get to learn how to do it better and better and better every day together.

If that sounds like a journey that you want to embark on with me, then you can subscribe to this podcast on Spotify, or Apple podcasts. And I will meet you here next week!