What is on your mind EVERY DAY?

This is the first of many solo episodes! Every Sunday I will release a solo episode to help us all jump start the week, whether you are trying to get rid of the Sunday scaries or need some Monday motivation or whatever day you find it I am here.

In this episode I talk about I'm learning (hopefully) to practice what I preach starting with releasing this very episode. I am already loving the interviews and have learned a lot. But when I imagined my podcast I also wanted to have a space to discuss the swirling of my own brain in hopes that some of you connect to the topic every week. Then it hit me that for a week I thought about why I wanted to produce a weekly solo episode but had stopped because of a million and one excuses. The imposter syndrome was starting to creep in and convince me not to but screw it! I'm going to try and figure out the rest later. What things are on your mind every day? If they keep coming back they mean something, it's no accident. Pay attention to those thoughts. They matter.

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