What A Running Injury Reminded Me About Life

In this episode I talk about my foot injury I got from running and how I DEFINITELY knew better. A combination of training too hard too fast, ridiculously flat feet (thanks Grandpa) and shoes that were embarrassingly worn out I started experiencing intense tendonitis in my left foot. It threw a huge wrench in my physical activity. After coming off a few months of deep depression moving again felt like my savior, and suddenly I couldn't do that either.

Then I had my ah-ha moment. I realized this injury was just another example of how we can't run from our patterns in life and encourages everyone else to listen to those signs from the Universe sooner than the point of injury. I constantly push and push and don't always hear the signs to back off and slow down. Patterns come back again and again, that why they are called patterns. The sooner you deal with how unhealthy patterns are distracting you from all the other things you could be doing the easier it gets, and the less injuries!

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