How to Welcome Change

How do you welcome change? Maybe you don't at all? In this episode, Carly explores how being afraid of change can hold us back. She shares how she is reframing to welcome the evolution of herself and her work, including this podcast! Carly shares what listeners can expect from new guests and shows.

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Carly Puch

Welcome back to another episode of Consciously Clueless. I'm your host, Carly, and I'll be your guide on this journey from consciousness to cluelessness and back around again. Thanks for joining me for another Sunday solo episode, whether it's Sunday night, and you're getting ready for the week, Monday morning, and you're on your way to work, or whatever day this podcast has found you. I'm really glad you're here.

So I want to talk about the evolution of this podcast and some thoughts that I've had lately on not only that but just like how we welcome change and evolution. So I can for sure, say I used to be very change avergant. Like, I could not handle abrupt change very well, I wanted more of my routine. If I got out of that it made me a little anxious. And that's okay, I still thrive in routine. But welcoming change, knowing that there often is a reason that change is coming in your life, or that you're considering that change or whatever it is, I'm working on that when it comes to this podcast, when I originally started, I really focused on plant-based eating and vegan lifestyle stuff. I am absolutely going to still do that.

So, anybody who's listening to this, that's like diehard vegan do not stop the episode and run away, this podcast will still very much be focused on those issues. But I want to make sure that I'm talking about things, especially issues that intersect with veganism. And I believe that's basically every issue. But not necessarily from someone who declares themselves as vegan. There's other ways to talk about these things. So I have some exciting interviews coming up that I think, still, embody the idea of consciousness to cluelessness in that journey. But that aren't necessarily primarily focused on being vegan, and I have many coming up that are. So it's going to be a nice mix. And I've been thinking about this all week because there's some people that I've wanted to chat with or some things I've wanted to talk about. And I wanted to make sure it's still fit. And it still was useful to all the people listening, that's the most important part for me. And I think that it is, and I want feedback on that as we move forward.

So I can be giving content and giving episodes and conversations, whatever, that feel really useful. And feel really fun and things you want to learn about and talk about and all of that. And there's many different pieces to that, as we know. So that idea this week was starting to make me a little nervous because I really have gotten in my routine. And I also have been thinking about changing up the podcast artwork a little bit for each episode, and really making my whole page on social media, the vibe I really want and not what I think it should look like, and all of those things, and it kind of started to make me nervous. What if I'm just starting to get people listening or following and they are listening or following for that vibe?

And if I change it or tweak it, or talk about different things, what if that's not, right, all of those things, all of those questions, I spiraled down. But I tried to reframe it a little bit and be a little more excited that there are ideas coming to me, that light me up. And there are subjects coming to me that seem really exciting. And guests that are coming to me that feel like they should be on this podcast and that I think the listeners will gain something from so I'm really excited about where this growth will go because it's about everything. That is what I talked about in I think the very first episode of this podcast is how I didn't want to limit it to just one topic.

Because for me that didn't feel authentic and that didn't feel like the human experience. And that didn't feel like me, because I am interested in learning about so many different things and more and more as I learn and grow. I just realize how interconnected everything really is and talking about all those things. is really important. And so I'm trying to welcome change and welcome evolution. And that's newer for me, but it feels really good, it feels like this shift is happening again for a reason, and things are gonna start falling into place more and more, and they already have. And I challenge you to think about how are you at welcoming change, or what has changed feel like to your what is evolving, feel like to you, because I talked about this before, and I'll talk about it again. It's such a huge part of life. And everyone handles it a little differently. And I know that I'm getting better and better at it. And I noticed it today, it was like an out-of-body experience, I noticed that I had shifted into this space of, Oh, I'm really excited about these new ideas for the podcast.

They're not scary. They're really exciting because that means I'm growing. And it was like I was watching myself have this aha moment that I was excited about it. So I want you to think about how you welcome change. And if you're someone who has ever struggled with welcoming change, what has that done for you in your life? What is that held you back from? What has that gotten in the way of by being afraid of that change? Or that evolution, scaring away from it, deciding to keep going on with the same drudgery because you just don't want to know what it's like on the other side of that scary jump?

What is that been like for you? Or maybe there's physical and mental real consequences to how you welcome change or welcome evolution? Or don't welcome change? Or don't welcome evolution? Does it make you anxious? Does it make you depressed, there are real consequences, and not that we are conscious of them or not, or not that we're trying to put ourselves in this place. But there can be real consequences of avoiding those things out of fear. Honestly, it all comes back to fear. So often, it all comes back to fear, we are so often operating out of our fear, our fear of change our fear of messing up, that's a huge one for me, like if I just stay in my routine, at least I know, I'll do it really well. And then I won't mess up and then I won't fail. But trying that new thing, trying a podcast trying teaching yoga online, whatever it is, if I dry it, then I see the possibility of it not working.

And that can be reframed in and of itself, right, that's a whole nother episode is seeing an idea in the end, that's a manifesting technique, this idea of Okay, I'm going to launch a course, I'm going to do a seven-day course that I'm creating right now, for all of you. This is a real example. And my fear around it, are about all the reasons that could go wrong. But what I keep coming back to is seeing the end result and thinking things like wow, that launch of that course was so successful, even more, successful than I could even imagine it was so fun. I love creating courses and people love the content and putting out and just living in that end result. What am I looking for? And not living in the? What if nobody buys it? What if nobody cares? What if it doesn't do as well as you wanted Carly, all of those things, I don't want to live in that space because those are going to come out and that's fine. But welcoming change and welcoming evolution is taking that step. So in terms of this podcast and the work I'm doing and the conversations I'm having, we are taking the next step. We are bringing all of that knowledge we have with us. And we are expanding our conversations about conscious to clueless and clueless to conscious. But there will always always always be a plant-based social justice framework because that's who I am. I'm vegan. I am working to become more and more intersectional. I am an advocate for so many things I care about. So those are me. So those are in turn the podcast because they're pretty much one in the same. So I want you to think a little bit about how you welcome change. And I want you to really get excited for everything coming up on the podcast.

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