How Making One Change Can Lead to a New Perspective on Life with Jeffrey Boadi

In this episode I chat with Jeffrey Boadi. Jeffrey is a health and wellness advocate who shares about all things plant based food and lifestyle. He runs his own blog, The Health of Wealth, where he digs deeper into issues surrounding the intersections of race, socio-economic issues, food poverty, trust of the media, living a conscious life and more. In this episode Jeffrey and I dive into all of those topics and more. Jeffrey reminds us all to share important information that we have with the world because change has to start somewhere.  Mentioned in the show: 

  • Connect with Jeffrey on Instagram or on his website!

  • "Power of Now" book

  • "What the Health" documentary

  • Boadi's article from Medium, "7 reasons to seek radical transformation on a plant-based diet"

  • Trailer for new documentary, "They Are Trying to Kill Us"

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