How Do You React to Being Wrong?

It can be so hard to admit that we are wrong but such a sign of growth as well. Carly talks about how learning how to be wrong is important on both an individual relationship and larger societal level. Her biggest tip for when we learn we are wrong? Pause. Pause to take in the information we are getting and see it as a gift for growth. And don't forget this is a lifelong practice.

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Carly Puch

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So tonight's episode, I've had this question in my brain for a while now and I've been thinking it over But specifically with everything going on lately. And the question is, how do you react to being wrong? Now, how many of you heard that and had like a physical reaction like, Oh, I can't, I can't handle it. If you did, I get it. I historically have not done the best job over the years of finding out that I was wrong. And then acting appropriately afterwards. But I would like to say that I've been growing into that a lot more. So this can take place on a few different levels. Let me explain. It might be in a relationship, whether it's romantic or it's a friendship or with family. When you find out that you're wrong and being wrong. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. It could be that you were wrong about leaving the garage door open. Or you were wrong about remembering to return a library book or something like that. But how you react says a lot about the vibration you're in, how you react to finding out you're wrong, says a lot about where you are. And I didn't really realize that for a long time. I'm trying to reframe being wrong with how lucky I am to have new information. It does not work all the time. Like if that sounds really woowoo I get it. Because we can't just find out we're wrong and all the time be like, Oh, thank you for the new information. I mean, we could but it's really hard. But that's what I'm trying to do. So you know, I didn't return the library book, and a friend tells me that I was so sure that I did. And I just have to say, Oh my gosh, you're right. I didn't. And for some of you that maybe aren't stubborn or competitive, and you're already like, why is this a big deal? That's not a big deal. I know others out there understand what I mean, when it's hard to be wrong. I know there are others out there that feel me on this. But what I've been really thinking about lately is on the societal global scale. How do you react when you find out something you knew was maybe not right, or something you did? was maybe not right or something you said? was maybe not right. Something I talked about, in a previous episode with a guest was just about how once you take the blinders off of our food systems, and our understanding of food, specifically in westernized cultures.

There's a lot of misinformation. And once you start to dig in, it's really overwhelming because it feels like everything you knew, up to that point was a lie. Everything you knew about where you can get nutrients or what you should eat or drink to be healthy. Once going vegan, I felt like the whole system was a complete racket. And that can be hard to take. It's overwhelming. It also can leave us feeling really mistrusting of things in general. But how you react to finding out you're wrong, or gaining new information says a lot about your growth. It's getting to that point with some of these things that I am excited to find out new information. Because it means I'm learning and it means I'm not standing still or being stagnant. So let's take an example of indigenous people being used as mascots for sports. There are a lot of people who may have not understood the gravity to the situation and to why it is wrong. But there is a conversation going on right now as teams are changing their mascots and their names about why that's so important. So what if you're someone who has supported this team forever and you didn't understand? It can feel jarring. I get it. But you found out new information, and you're growing. So are you going to stand there and stomp your heels into the ground? Or are you going to say wow, I did not know that. And now I get to know that and I can move on because the scary part When you find out these big idea world shifting views are changing, is to feel like it would be easier to just ignore it. Or it would be easier to just pretend it wasn't happening, it would be easier to fight it. Because change can be scary. change can be really scary. But how you react to those situations has a lot about how you are doing in life in that moment. Finding out something you always knew is true, is not true anymore. Or something you always said isn't okay to say anymore. And the other part that's hard is to not get stuck in feeling like you're a bad person. For the things you did before you knew.

There's a quote that a professor of mine in college used to say all the time and we'd make fun of her for how often she could quoted. But now I think about it constantly. We are what we know. And when what we know changes, we change. I'm going to say that again. We are what we know. And when what we know changes, we change. Isn't that beautiful? We can only know as much as we know in that moment. But once we gather new information, then we change. Well, while we can choose to change, that's the trick, right? We gain new information, and we can either grow and shift with that information, or we can stand still. There are a lot of opportunities in the world right now, to grow and to gain new information. And it can be overwhelming. But it can also be really, really exciting. Because that means that whether it's an individual level, or it's a systematic level, we're learning. So how do you react to being wrong? I want you to think about that for a second. like think about the last time that you found out that something you said or something you knew or something you thought was true, was wrong. What did that feel like in your body? Are you someone that can shrug it off? Or are you someone that kind of internalizes that? So what do we do when we're being challenged? What do we do when something we thought was true? Turns out to be not true.

The biggest thing for me is to pause before I have any sort of reaction to pause, notice what my body is doing. Notice what my mind is doing. Is that thought really need to come out of my mouth, or no. Pause when you get challenged. It's okay to take a breath when you're being overwhelmed by information you never had before. Pause and then listen. Listen to the perspective you're hearing. Listen to the person who is helping you grow and change and shift and evolve. We should be different every single day. Because every single day we have a little bit more information about the world and about ourselves than we did the day before. That is so exciting because it means that we have another day. So how to We react to being wrong. It is scary. And I don't mean to downplay how overwhelming it can be when you are part of systems in this world that have told you one thing, and now you're finding out that some of those things aren't true, or how you've operated in relationships in the past has worked well enough. But you've reached the point where you realize those things just aren't true. Those aren't ways to get by. Those aren't ways to treat people. It can be scary. But we always have the choice. That's what I love about manifesting is that it's co creating your reality. So you have a big part in it. It's trusting the universe, but it's also taking that really intentional daily inspired action.

You get to co create your reality with the universe. Like you, you have to be on the same team. You get to decide it's a choice to grow. And it's also a choice to stay the same. It's also a choice to not listen. It's also a choice to stay in the same pattern in the same place. But honestly, that only works for so long. That only works until it's painful to shift forward. It only works until it's like the world is screaming at you, that you have to move along. You have to listen you have to admit that you're wrong and move forward. And that process is painful. When you get to that point where there's no other way to move, that hurts. But you have a choice to do it sooner. You have a choice. choice when you get that new information, to pause and reflect, and decide how you're going to move forward. It doesn't have to be immediate. It doesn't mean you take this information in like when your phone doesn't update, and then you're good to go. It's a process. I don't mean to make it sound like you hear something new, and then it's all good to go. When I first started learning about our food systems in this country in the United States, I was very overwhelmed because it was jarring. I wasn't sure what to listen to. But pausing and diving in a little more, made me actually feel more powerful. It's easy to feel powerless when you feel like you're wrong. But diving in and learning and taking action made me feel powerful because that meant I was looking for more information. to challenge what I knew we should be around people in our lives that challenge us. And that make us do that pausing and reflecting, and listening. Those people are important. Even if it's something you don't agree with the art of pausing and listening. And learning if you're right or wrong, or if you need to adapt your perspective or shift is crucial. It's really, really crucial. And these are things that we might have believed for years and years and years. These are things that we might have known to be true our whole life and now they're shifting. The universe is shifting.

So how do we respond? I like to think about when learning new information Thinking about the greater good, you know, coming back to that, why? That idea that we're all connected while taking in this information and learning and pausing and reflecting helped me and everyone else probably will closing off my mind to other opinions and to other people and the things that I don't want to hear, help me and everyone else now, it simply won't. It definitely doesn't help me. And if I'm not growing, I am not contributing to the growth in the evolution of everyone else.

So I want you to think about how do you react to being wrong? I'm not a guru. I'm stubborn, I'm competitive. I still have my hackles up when people point out that I'm wrong on some things, but I have definitely come a long way. In thinking about this really critically, there are so many opportunities for us to be learning right now. It's exciting. It's scary. We're having to listen to people who have been telling us there are problems for so long. We have to listen. We have to evolve. We can't use the excuse. That's the way it's always been. That doesn't matter anymore. That doesn't go anywhere anymore. And most likely, that's probably not even true. It's just a fallback. So we don't have to pause and reflect and lesson and think about how to move forward. It's a way to push it away. So my challenge for you this week is to think about how you to react to being wrong, or how you react to new information that kind of blows your mind. Pay attention to how that feels. Pay attention to how you react and pay attention to how you can learn from it. That's the good stuff. That's where we grow.

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