Football, Veganism, Rescue Dogs, and Why We Should All Be Nicer to Each Other with John Rush

In this episode I got to chat with John Rush, a professional Canadian football player, vegan, violence against women advocate and lover of rescue dogs.

John and I talk about what it's like to be a vegan athlete and remind everyone you really CAN get all your protein from plants. John and I dive into the stereotypes surrounding veganism and how closely tied to the idea of what being masculine our food choices are. He talks about the reaction his teammates had to going vegan and why at first he was worried about being cut from the team for his choice to go plant based!

He also discusses his work with the Canadian campaign to end violence against women. The team he plays for, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is a part of a national campaign to end violence against women that goes to high schools and talks to young people about breaking the silence on violence.

His two rescue dogs make appearances throughout the show which seems quite perfect given John's passion for rescuing animals. John dreams of buying a bus, fixing it up and driving around Canada from animal shelter to animal shelter to raise awareness for people to adopt animals.

John talks about his reluctance to show up on social media but how the The Edgy Veg convinced him otherwise. You can find him on Instagram or check out his videos on Youtube! 

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