A Little More Honey - Part 2

She's baaaaaack! Honey and I got so chatty that we needed a Part 2! We dive deeper into veganism, ethical shoplifting, how Honey got her drag name, and how a better world is waiting there for us. 

Honey LaBronx stars in her own YouTube cooking series, The Vegan Drag Queen, and hosts the Big Fat Vegan Radio podcast. An LGBTQ rights activist, she is committed to bringing discussions about animal rights, intersectionality, and social justice to new audiences. In 2011, she was one of 8 activists arrested for blocking New York City traffic while demonstrating for marriage equality alongside her drag mother, Bob The Drag Queen. She has performed around the world raising funds for local animal sanctuaries, rescues, and activist organizations. Out of drag Honey (Ben Strothmann) is an actor, singer, playwright, and theatrical photographer, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

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