Current Offerings:

6 Week Compassionate Self Discipline Group


This group will move through Cheri Huber's book, "Making a Change for Good: A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline."

The book is a 30 day deep dive into making lifelong changes in a compassionate but determined way. It combines journaling and meditation to make your changes stick. This group will support each other to make changes and learn how to realistically approach the ever popular idea of "mindfulness." If you're interested or need more information contact me at 


Why work with a coach? 

Working with a certified coach can help to create long lasting habits that change your life. I can assist with emotional, physical and mental aspects of life to help stave off disease and lead to a happier life. We will work together to make wellness goals and I will compassionately hold you accountable. I believe that when we truly show up for ourselves the ripple effects carry out into the world. I am so excited to see how your growth does that!

About My Training:

My certification as a Health and Wellness coach is through American Fitness Professionals Association. This training focuses on:

  • Meal planning and dietary guidelines for disease prevention and optimal health through whole foods nutrition

  • The science behind whole foods and plant-based nutrition

  • Holistic plant based diets and lifestyle

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