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Ready to get Conscious AF?

A 6-week course designed to start your Conscious AF journey, so that you can help the planet and not be miserable along the way.

It’s time to do the work NOW! You are ready, even if you aren't 100% sure, trust me you are.


Are you ready to live in a way that doesn't make you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Wouldn't it be nice to know your everyday actions were actually making a difference in this world? 

You can live in a way that makes you AND the planet happier. They aren't mutually exclusive.

I know. I'm living it. Conscious living changed my life, and I know it can change yours too.

Calling everyone still curious about conscious living. This is a group coaching program to learn together with other groovy folks interested in making a difference in the world without the weight of the world on your shoulders. It can be overwhelming to make these changes, that's why having support is key! 

Did you know it's possible:

  • To feel excited about making healthy life changes

  • To make a difference in the world every single day with your choices

  • To go vegan and STAY vegan without feeling like you’re missing anything 

  • To learn how to make good choices for the planet without feeling stressed

  • To live a more conscious life and still be a fun, badass human

Does this sound familiar?


  • You want sustainable ways to be sustainable 

  • You hear ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ and wonder if you’re doing it right

  • You want to make your diet more earth-friendly by going vegan 

  • You want to live a more connected life but you’re not even sure what that means (no judgment!)

  • You've tried to live more consciously but are burned out

WIX What's Mindfulness Got To Do With It - Masterclass.png


This program is 6 weeks of conscious living goodness. 

We'll spend two weeks on each of the three pillars of conscious living - sustainability, mindfulness, and vegan living. 


Every day you'll receive an email from me with that day's conscious living lesson - an activity, a resource, and more. 


During those six weeks, you'll have access to a special group chat just for us. You can ask questions, find support, and be guided through the process every weekday. 


You'll also get to join me for a live call at the start of each new section and a final closing call to celebrate your successes! That's FOUR live calls in total. 


Price: $777


Dates: TBA

What's Mindfulness Got To Do With It - Masterclass.png


When I first started living more consciously I dove ALL IN...and then I got burnt out. 

As a recovering perfectionist, I wanted to instantly be the 'eco-warrior' that the internet told me to be. 

I thought I needed to meditate for hours, live totally zero-waste, and be perfectly plant-based to really be doing it. 

But it turns out, you can't be perfect in an imperfect world. 


I wanted to create a course that gave a digestible amount of information to set you up for conscious living success without the pressure to do it perfectly. AND with the support of other folks trying to do the same. 

This is the course I wish I had.

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