Meet Carly.

Anyone who has met me knows I love to talk. Starting a blog (again!) to create a space to talk about all of these passions seems only natural.

For years I worked as an advocate for sexual assault survivors through counseling, offering programming, and more. As I attended graduate school  I felt like there was more to bring to the conversation but I was unsure what that looked like. But after completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training, reiki I and II certification, and ultimately learning how to just take a deep breathe, I started to realize I had figured it out. The mind and body coming together as one - that is the space in which true healing happens. And that is what I hope to facilitate.  

People are complicated, messy, and layered with identities. So is this space. I can be both a meditation enthusiast that sits in quiet every morning and a passionate, outspoken feminist. I can be both a sexual violence advocate and yoga instructor. I can both learner and teacher. We are all many things. Together we can make them all work. 

I worried at first that it didn't make sense to combine all of these topics - wellness, feminism, advocacy, yoga, food. But  that is part of the problem - not connecting how our everyday actions translate to real change in the world. The nourishment I give my body, seeing value in taking care of myself, helps me to relate to others and their experiences. And when I relate easier to others I see the connection we all have as living beings to Earth. That's why I created this space - these connections need to be made - our lives depend on it. 

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