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1v.1Coaching just for YOU!

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  • You want sustainable ways to be sustainable 

  • You hear ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ and wonder if you’re doing it right

  • You want to make your diet more earth-friendly by going vegan 

  • You want to live a more connected life but you’re not even sure what that means (no judgment!)


  • To feel excited about making changes

  • To make a difference in the world every single day with your choices

  • To go vegan and STAY vegan without feeling like you’re missing anything 

  • To learn how to make good choices for the planet without feeling stressed

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 Here's why people hesitate to go vegan or eco-friendly, and how my 1:1 coaching can help:

1️⃣ Info Overload: Don't trip over all the sustainable living info out there. As your coach, I'll cut the crap and give you expert advice and personalized strategies.

2️⃣ Clarity Struggle: Living consciously can be confusing AF. I'll help you find your way, with knowledge and tools to make choices that align with your values.

3️⃣ FOMO Fears: Going vegan doesn't mean boring AF food. Get ready to indulge in mouthwatering plant-based meals and discover sustainable alternatives.

4️⃣ Support Lacking: Making big changes is hard without a cheerleader. I've got your back with guidance, accountability, and the motivation you need.

5️⃣ Transition Drama: Going vegan or eco-friendly can feel overwhelming. I'll make it easier with practical tips, meal plans, and resources.

6️⃣ Social Pressure: Screw the haters! I'll help you build confidence and stay true to your values, no matter what others think.

7️⃣ Time Crunch: Think being sustainable takes too much effort? Think again. I'll show you time-saving strategies for integrating conscious choices into your everyday life.

8️⃣ Health Hesitation: Worried about nutrition? I'll give you evidence-based info, meal-planning support, and all the confidence you need to thrive.

9️⃣ Budget Blues: Think eco-friendly living is expensive? Nah, I'll hook you up with budget-friendly tips and resources that won't break the bank.

🔟 Accountability Matters: Don't fall off the wagon! With my 1:1 coaching, you'll have ongoing support, check-ins, and personalized guidance to keep you on track.

It’s time to do the work NOW! You are ready


The world is changing quickly, and sometimes you can’t keep up. I hear you. You want to make the world better, and you care, but you don’t know where to start. You know taking care of yourself is essential, but how? I get it. I have a history of diving into a new endeavor seeking perfection, and quickly feeling like I failed. Whether it was going vegan or learning to recycle more, I wish I had guidance to keep me on track and not overwhelmed. I can’t lie; the world needs your help. But it doesn’t require you to be perfect. I’m here to help.

If you're not sure if this is right for you click here to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me!

What's the price point?


$1,800 for 3 months

How does it work? 

After chatting on a discovery call we will decide together what our plan will help you achieve your goals. Once signed up, we will meet twice a month via Zoom. I will be in your corner in between every meeting - answering questions, sharing resources, and encouraging you. You will have access to all recorded meetings, notes, presentations, and more forever! You'll gain instant access to all other resources, the Get More Mindful Bundle & What's Mindfulness Got To Do With It? masterclass!

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